How it works…

List your house with The Net More Home Store and we will provide you with a full service listing for a flat fee of $3,000. The seller will still need to offer compensation to the buyer’s broker which most of the time we will recommend be $3,000 as well. Since real estate is a market and markets fluctuate, there will be times when we recommend a higher amount to the buyer’s agent because providing you with market information to help you make the best choices when selling your home is our job! A Net More Home Store listing with a $300,000 sales price could save the seller $12,000 in fees!!


Let’s look at another example of some typical savings on the sale of a home.

Two families list their homes. Family 1 lists with a traditional Realtor at the industry average commission of 6%. Family 2 chooses a full service listing from the Net More Home Store for a $3,000 flat fee on the listing side and an additional $3,000 paid to the buyer’s agent.

Sale price: $450,000.00

Family 1 pays $27,000.00 in commission!! (3% to the listing broker and 3% to the selling broker) Ouch!!

Family 2 pays $6,000.00 total for a full service listing!!

That’s $21,000.00 more in Family 2’s pocket!!.


Use this calculator to see how much you could save with The Net More Home Store compared to a traditional 6% listing.


Total savings to home sellers


Traditional 6% Commission Model:


The Net More Home Store:

*We do not have a standard buyer’s agent fee. The amount paid to a buyer’s agent can fluctuate depending on a number of conditions that impact the marketability of a home.

Our goal is clear...“If you sell a home through any other Realtor, you are simply paying too much.”