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It's your equity, keep it.

Full service listings and buyer representation for a flat $2500 fee.*


How much money could The Net More Home Store save you?

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$100,000 $3,000,000
Traditional 6% Commission The Net More Home Store You Save
Seller's Agent $10,500 $2,500 $8,000
Buyer's Agent $10,500 $2,500* $8,000
Total Commission Paid
on a $350,000 Home
$21,000 $5,000 $16,000

Your total home savings:


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*We do not have a standard buyer’s agent fee. The amount paid to a buyer’s agent can fluctuate depending on a number of conditions that impact the marketability of a home.


"We like our ideas big and our fees small."

The Net More Home Store works to cut waste, improve quality and add value to our full service buyer and seller programs every day. We believe that combining over 20 years of real estate experience with today’s technology uniquely positions us to be able to provide industry leading service with ground breaking savings.  Whether you need to buy a home, sell one you already have or do both, The Net More Home Store will provide you with the full service you expect and the savings you deserve.